Dice Tech Career Tool Kit


Job hunting — though it can be stressful, demoralizing and frustrating — is a fact of life for pretty much everyone. In IT especially, it’s important to approach your search in the right way if you want to get the best shot at impressing hiring managers who are incredibly picky.

To help, we’ve created this Tool Kit. It offers some of our best advice on each aspect of finding not just a job, but the right job, with information on everything from networking to resume writing to interviewing. We’ve also got the latest job news and advice from the Dice Blog Network.

Check out our in-depth advice on job-hunting basics, networking, resumes & cover letters, and interviewing.

We’ll be updating the Tool Kit with new items continuously. So if you see a topic you want us to cover, let us know. Just send an email to editor@dice.com, with “Tool Kit” in the subject line.

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