Tech Job Hunting Basics

Looking for a new job is a stressful prospect. Here’s some straightforward advice for finding that next great gig:

Why Haven’t You Started Your Job Search?
For tech professionals, it would seem like an ideal time to look for a new job. So why do some hesitate?

5 Job Hunting Tips for Computer Science Grads
As strong as the tech job market is, computer science graduates still face challenges during their transition into the real world. While employers prize their smarts, they can be leery of a perceived lack of practical experience and business skills on the part of people looking for their first real job.

The Truth About Personal Branding
Is “brand building” yet another job-search fad? While easy for some to dismiss, the concept of branding does have some real-world application for those individuals who want to stand out from the pack.

Job Search Tips for Baby Boomers
For anyone over 50, the depressing reality is that a job search will likely prove significantly more challenging than for younger people. But rather than dwell on why you didn’t get the job, you should focus on what it’ll take to succeed next time.

5 Ways to Ruin Your Job Search
It’s difficult enough to remain actively engaged in a job search without worrying about self-sabotage. Fortunately for you, there are some strategies you can employ to make sure you don’t end up pursuing bad ideas that you think are really great at the time.

How to Break Out of a Job Search Rut
If you feel as if you’ve applied for too many positions without getting past the first interview (or even getting an interview at all), and you’ve become bored and frustrated with the process, you’re officially in a job-search rut. Forget about moving forward: The key at such moments is to rethink the way you look for work.

Use Data to Make Yourself Stand Out During a Job Search
Use facts and figures as often as you can to bolster your case during the hiring process. Here are some examples of how to do it.

Surviving Job Rejection
Rejection stings, especially when you’re sure you’d sailed through the interview process. Here’s how to get past it.

24 Responses to “Tech Job Hunting Basics”

    • Wilma Jackson

      I am over 60, but still look good & in good shape. I use to work at IRS in the office typing and talking to taxpayers on the phone. I’m on time and I be there every day to report to work. I would like to work another 15 years before I stop working. What advice do you have for me? I am also a very good sales person.

    • On 2 of my last 3 software projects I was brought in to replace much younger developers who were technically very good but had personality and team dynamics issues. Both had been escorted off the employer’s property, after the 1st one left they locked to doors and were prepared for blowback. I was a young mustang once, so I remember thinking that I was hot stuff too, and I got thrown out a few times myself, so let he who has never sinned cast the first stone. There are a lot of very fine young people out there who are great programmers and very nice people and a joy to work with, unfortunately there are a fair number whose interpersonal social dynamics are sorely underdeveloped (video games, cell phones, absentee motherhood, etc. have taken their toll).

  1. Debra Kahler

    over 40+ yrs in the hair industry during that time I took classes at Data Tech for A+ and networking although i didnt get my certificate I am teachable and took classes in Adobe web development, Flash, Photoshop, internet social media. Iknow I needmore traing. As I continued to work as a hair stylist and the skills I learned by taking adobe classes helped me achieve a great clientele. Then had neck surgery ACDF (anterior cervicle disc fusion and couln’t continue working full time, my business asa Booth Renter in a PaulMitchellFocus Salon where i was afforded on going training and certificates. SoI know how to run a business doing all the ordering ,managing cash andbanking doing my own taxes, balancing all bank accounts,
    and creating a satisfying clientelethat I tought how to keep their hair healthy and how to recreate their style at home. I can teach, coach others, and brainstorm with others if needed. Im not a person that assumes I “Know It All” because there somuch more to learn as I transistion to a new career. So any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Thank you
    Debra Kahler

    • You never want to look like a wannabe! You are DOING IT and ‘I CAN DO IT FOR YOU. WHEN DO WE START?’. Your first foot forward is always, “I am here to solve your problems.” ALWAYS put yourself in their shoes. If you meet their needs, then they will meet yours, so don’t be talking about what you need in the early stages of the process. Think about when you want to get your car fixed, do you want a mechanic to say, “I’d like to learn about that kind of car” ? Do you want to hear him/her discuss their health care or retirement needs with you? I don’t think so, YOU JUST WANT YOUR CAR FIXED. And age-wise, does it hurt doctors or car mechanics to have some gray hair? Nope. It’s about being on the ball mentally and yes technically.

  2. I’ve been programming for 7 years and studied machine learning (PyTorch, Keras, Tensorflow) the last 3 years, working an unsuccessful self-owned business. Started looking for a job, sent out hundreds of applications… and 2 months later all I got is crickets. How are 129 million people employed? Is it even *possible* to get a job?

    Does anyone want to use me as a case study of the least successful job searcher ever?

    • If your a boomer then read item 3 above. AI-cancels your resume as soon as you send it in. Proven on indeed, monster, etc. Companies don’t want you if your over 40 cos your long in the tooth.

      • I got my latest job as a software developer when I was 63, working for a NASA contractor doing IOT development (which I had zero ‘experience’ in). I don;t want to say that age is not an issue, because it is, but there are advantages to age as well… ask yourself, does age hurt doctors or lawyers? I address two issues directly: 1) cost. I work hard not to price myself out of the market. I wrote my first BASIC program in 1981 and full-time coding since ’86, but I have only been writing REACT code for 2 years, so there are 20-somethings who have more experience than I in that toolset: how do I expect to pull in top dollar under those conditions??? 2) technical skills up-to-date. The doctor metaphor is a good one, as the body of knowledge continues to grow, and they need to keep learning new stuff. I work hard on the new stuff.

  3. Reginald L Dupre

    Would be nice land a IT job in Hartford, CT area at an entry level In Help Desk or Desktop support job with no experience or college education or certifications.

  4. Bradley T Jones

    I am 47 yrs old. A W2/ 1099 independent Project manager/ Facility Director in Denver, Co. I made the decision last year to hang up my contractor hat and go back to corporate management. If your business is in the Denver area and looking for a hardworking, punctual employee that defines honor, integrity, and loyalty as core values please reply. All I require is a career path to middle manage and a liveable wage for the Denver market. Thank you for your time and consideration .

  5. Zafar Hussain

    An experienced professional with 4 years of auditing experience in multi-sector client portfolio. Skilled in audit planning, assessing risk, reviewing data, analytical reasoning, preparing detailed reports on audit findings and performing follow-up audits.
    Actively seeking a challenging and demanding role in a dynamic professional environment where I can apply my knowledge and skills acquired through experience, thereby imparting valuable contribution towards the organization.

  6. I was informed to be assigned and relocate in one of our projects in Asia, but I still prefer to stay and work here in Dubai . I have been sending my CV’s online, yet I did not get any reply.
    Professional Summary:
    Experienced Senior Architectural Coordinator and Senior CADD with over 25 years of experienced in Architectural, Interior, Engineering and Construction Industry. Hands on experienced in coordinating construction teams, creating Interior and Design Concepts and producing drawings for Schematic and Detailed Design for a large scale projects. Involvement in Commercial, Residential, Hotels, Mixed-Use Development, Community Facilities and Doka-System Formworks Design.

  7. Del Inquent

    One thing that you have to have always in mind is that all resides on getting the OPPORTUNITY.
    You may have a truck loaded with certifications but all of that is useless if you don’t get the opportunity.

  8. Aravapalli Vanaja

    I am a Doctorate in Physics , but not with satisfied job and salary. I have debits that I should take the responsibility to clear which was made by my husband and other members. I am at present working as an Assistant Professor in Physics in Engineering college. I would like to work in software for few years to clear debits. Working in software is one of my aims. As I am interested in Computers. For few months I have started learning Python. I am 30 now. Can I make goal and clear debits.


    I have been looking for a better opportunity since last year. I am way under – employed right now and under paid. I have over 20 years of customer service and BA in business. Can anyone help me out with some recruiter contacts. I am willing to relocate for the right opportunity. Thanks in advance for any help that you may be able to give.