5 Reasons You Should Know NumPy

David Bolton,

If you’re a Python programmer who hasn’t encountered NumPy, you’re potentially missing out. NumPy is an open-source Python library for

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Interview Qs for Ubuntu Developers

Leslie Stevens-Huffman,

It’s a good time for developers to learn Ubuntu. Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux, recently announced plans to turn

Google Android, iOS, and… Ubuntu?

Nick Kolakowski,

In January 2013, Canonical (a company that works with the open source community on Ubuntu, a free operating system) announced

Ubuntu Server 13.04 Released

Nick Kolakowski,

Canonical is positioning Ubuntu Server 13.04 as the best platform for companies interested in deploying OpenStack.

Ubuntu on Tablets Announced

Nick Kolakowski,

Canonical has announced an Ubuntu tablet OS, complete with high-end features and an SDK for apps.