Tech Trends

Do You Think Like a Techie? (Quiz)

Jonathan Blank,

To successfully recruit today’s tech pros, you need to know how they think. Well, do you? Take our fun quiz to find out if you’re geek, or weak.

Q2 2013 Tech Employment Snapshot

Kevin Studer,

Tech employment trends show significant job growth in data processing and hosting – that’s 2,400 new jobs in the cloud.

Mobile Devices

Tips for Building Your Mobile Recruiting Business

David Spark,

Joel Cheesman says there are more mobile phones than there are toothbrushes in the world. Take some of his tips on how to make the most of that technology for your recruiting.

Q3 2012 Tech Employment Snapshot

Kevin Studer,

The unemployment rate for technology professionals has dropped in the past year. Read more about what is causing the increase in employment for the tech industry and other Q3 trends in IT hiring.

New Coating Keeps Your Smartphone Dry

Kevin Studer,

Looking for a way to waterproof your smartphone? Daikin Industries might have your solution. Daikin Dip, a super-hydrophobic film, keeps your smartphone dry without weighing it down.

Q2 2012 Tech Employment Snapshot

Kevin Studer,

Year/year unemployment for tech professionals in Q2 has remained fairly steady, and is still well below the overall labor market average. See which IT skills buck the unemployment trend.