Tech hiring

How to Shine in Cloud Recruiting

Kevin Studer,

Competition is fierce for experienced cloud professionals. The silver lining? A little insight and the right tools can help you succeed in finding the right candidate.

Do You Think Like a Techie? (Quiz)

Jonathan Blank,

To successfully recruit today’s tech pros, you need to know how they think. Well, do you? Take our fun quiz to find out if you’re geek, or weak.

Transferable Skills Guide: UX Designer

Kate Matsudaira,

The best User Experience Designers excel at making applications as user-friendly as they are aesthetically pleasing. Use these tips to screen candidates and find those with the right skills.

Transferable Skills Guide: Cloud Engineer

Kate Matsudaira,

Break through the challenges of finding experienced cloud engineers. If your well has run dry, look for talented candidates who’ve honed relevant skills in other tech fields.

Transferable Skills Guide: Mobile Developer

Kate Matsudaira,

Can’t find the perfect match for your mobile developer position? Expand your talent pool with these tips for identifying candidates with skills that translate well to mobile.