Talent Development

Overlooked Places to Mine Technical Talent

Leslie Stevens-Huffman,

If you’re losing a majority of your head-to-head “battles” with other recruiters for technical talent, chances are good that you’re

Should You Be Hiring Professional Innovators?

David Spark,

“Innovation” as a profession or a job responsibility is on the rise. Join the ranks of some big companies that recognize the need to innovate their services, products and culture.

Use Talent Communities To Build Relationships

David Spark,

Ed Newman of Inside Talent Management says you should use talent communities to get to know candidates, rather than just to fill open positions. If you know your hires well, they’ll perform better for you.

Why We’re Losing the War on Talent

David Spark,

Employers are not sufficiently developing tech talent says, John Hagel, Co-Chair of the Deloitte Center for the Edge in Silicon Valley. Get his winning tips in this 4-minute video.