SourceCon 2013, ‘Persona’-fied


Take a look at tech recruiting guru John Vlastelica’s case studies from SourceCon, and learn how you should be leveraging personas to improve candidate sourcing.

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Make Your Job Descriptions More ‘Persona’-l

Research Goddess,

What’s the difference between a job profile and a persona? It could mean the difference between sourcing a top-notch candidate and boring your target audience to tears. Read about the importance of compelling, persona-based sourcing strategies.

What Sourcing IS and is NOT: A Holistic View

Research Goddess,

What is the role of a sourcer? What does a good one look like? Sourcers out there: knowing where excellence comes from is important to continuously improve. Get back to basics using ideas from SourceCon 2013.

Rockstar Moves for Sourcing Tech Talent

Kevin Studer,

SourceCon 2013 attendees share their “rockstar” tips and tricks for sourcing tech talent—and show off some stylish rockstar moves in the process with a few famous faces. Check them out and rock on!