Social Networking

What speaks to Pier 1? Time.

Hannah Deangelis,

Steve White of Pier 1 looks to Open Web to uncover three really unique, hard-to-find candidates – in 45 percent less time.

Concur: Free to Compete

Hannah Deangelis,

How Concur, Forbes #1 Most Innovative Growth Company in the World, uses Dice’s Open Web to free up its recruiters and accomplish more.

Harvey Nash: Recruiting Reinvented

Hannah Deangelis,

Harvey Nash counts on Open Web to uncover the most undiscoverable tech talent for the world’s leading businesses.

The Lawton Group: Getting to “Yes!”

Hannah Deangelis,

This California-based staffing firm uses Open Web to reveal fresh recruits. The result? An unstoppable 6-0 record and happy clients.

This is Your Digital Life

Kevin Fogarty,

By 2015, any company wanting to capture the attention of its customers or employees will have to compete with digital media flowing every waking second.