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Crowdsourcing Social Recruitment Innovation

Bryan Chaney,

TalentNet Live hosted an event to kick off South by Southwest, and it tackled a tricky social case study. Check out how CA-based company 24 Hour Fitness got their social recruiting in shape.

Your People Are Your Employment Brand

David Spark,

People want to work with people they like. So when you’re managing your company’s reputation online and by word-of-mouth, utilize your best employees to set your company apart and attract top candidates.

HR Should Introduce the Social Possibilities


How many social initiatives have you kicked around, gotten excited about, and then promptly shoved into your desk drawers? Get them back out. HR needs to be involved, if not leading, the social charge.

Tackle Social Media Legal Issues at Work

David Spark,

The way we engage professionally via social media is loosening companies’ control over employee communication. Take some time to watch this in-depth discussion on social issues with hiring industry and legal experts.

Make Hires Through Multiple Touchpoints

David Spark,

CareerXroads’ Gerry Crispin says the real goal of social recruiting is not to directly hire, but instead to foster quality 1:1 conversations. Combine social engagement with other touches to make hires.

Get Rid Of Your Social Media Policy

David Spark,

Heather Bussing (@HeatherBussing), an employment lawyer for Bussing Law and blogger for HR Examiner, advises companies not to write a social media

A Dozen Ways to Recruit on a Budget

David Spark,

NPR’s Lars Schmidt knows how to recruit for a big brand without the big budget, and social media plays a huge part. Get his advice on creative ways to engage and hire candidates for less.