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The REAL Recruiting Innovation


Bill Boorman has been busy gathering info about where recruiting innovation stands currently. See why he thinks people and process are the keys to innovation.

Open Web: 1 Minute Now Saves Hours Later

Kevin Studer,

The process of finding the right tech professional isn’t usually fast. See how Dice’s Open Web tool can save you time by replacing other searches.

Open Web in the News

Kevin Studer,

The launch of Dice’s new social recruiting tool Open Web hit newsstands in late January. See what leading tech and media outlets like PCMag and have to say about this new development from Dice.

Watch a 1-min Video Tour of Open Web

Kevin Studer,

If you haven’t used Dice’s new supercharged search tool yet, start here. Take our 1-minute tour to see what Open Web is all about – in a nutshell, how it can save you time searching for tech candidates online.

Open Web: Supercharged Social Recruiting

Kevin Studer,

Dice has a solution to the recruiting problem of too many social sites, too little time. Our new Open Web search aggregates tech pros from across the web and serves them up in one place.

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14 Projections for the Future of HR Tech

David Spark,

What does the next wave of HR technology look like? HR professionals and recruiters gave us their big ideas like cloud outsourcing, automated analytics, real-time tracking and more.