Personal Brand

Building Your Tech-Pro Brand

Leslie Stevens-Huffman,

Personal branding is a bit like fashion: The themes and attributes that resonated with tech recruiters and managers last year

The Truth About Personal Branding

Elisabeth Greenbaum Kasson,

Nearly every employment expert on the market seems to throw around the phrase “personal branding” these days. In order to

Don’t Twitter Away a Personal Branding Opportunity

Leslie Stevens-Huffman,

Whether you’re addicted to Twitter or find little value in its
content, experts agree that it offers a relatively painless and
inexpensive way to enhance your professional reputation.

What’s Your Personal Brand? Ask Your Colleagues

Dice News,

Personal BrandBy now you’ve heard this piece of career advice a hundred times: Writing a resume isn’t enough. You have to "brand" yourself. But what does that really mean in practical, real-world terms? And how exactly do you go about it? Here’s an uncomfortable trick.

You Are Your Brand…Really

Mark Feffer,

Our online identities are the first thing potential employers see, and our failure to craft them, massage them, and maintain them accordingly can do damage to our "brands" and threaten potential jobs or contracts.