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How to refresh your job posting on Dice

Kevin Studer,

Refreshing your posting weekly on Dice moves your job higher in search results so it gets added visibility. See how in five simple steps.

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Make Your Job Descriptions More ‘Persona’-l

Research Goddess,

What’s the difference between a job profile and a persona? It could mean the difference between sourcing a top-notch candidate and boring your target audience to tears. Read about the importance of compelling, persona-based sourcing strategies.

16 Wishes for Future Mobile Recruiting

David Spark,

We reached out to hiring industry experts to see how they would improve mobile recruiting. From streamlined processes to better candidate communication, see what’s on their wish lists for the future.

Hiring Humor: Optimism Gone Nuts

Kevin Studer,

Ever get the feeling that an applicant saw the salary in a job posting, thought to themselves, “Well, I’m completely unqualified but what the heck? I’d love to make that much!” — and applied anyway?