Job Application

How to Wreck Your Job Search

Nick Kolakowski,

Most people regard the job search as annoying at best, and a dread-filled activity at worst. Unless you’re one of

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Ways to Upgrade Your Résumé for 2016

Leslie Stevens-Huffman,

(Editor’s Note: For tips on upgrading your résumé in 2017, click here.) If you’re trying to land a new job after years

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Hiring Humor: Pesky Applicants

Kevin Studer,

Sometimes it’s tough for candidates to grasp the idea that it’s not “third time’s the charm” but more like “three strikes and you’re out” with follow-up communication.

Hiring Humor: Optimism Gone Nuts

Kevin Studer,

Ever get the feeling that an applicant saw the salary in a job posting, thought to themselves, “Well, I’m completely unqualified but what the heck? I’d love to make that much!” — and applied anyway?