IT recruiting

Got a Hilarious Recruiting Story?

Nick Kolakowski,

Most of the time, recruiting candidates for a job follows a predictable pattern: You engage across all platforms, talk up the benefits

Tips for Engaging Passive Tech Candidates

John Vlastelica,

In this 3-part series on engaging passive tech talent, learn how to prepare for that first email or call, how to connect with tech pros in a way that gets them interested, and how to overcome common objections.

Can You Build the Perfect Hiring Manager?

Bryan Chaney,

What makes a perfect hiring manager? It’s not HR technology or any other shiny new object. See what hiring pros from Yahoo and Groupon said at #ERE13.

5 Steps to Closing Candidates

David Spark,

“Candidate closing starts on the very first call,” says Talent Sourcing Manger Jeremy Roberts. Check out his tips for keeping your candidates on track to accept job offers through 5 steps in the process.