IT Hiring Trends

Q1 2013 Tech Employment Snapshot

Kevin Studer,

Job growth for 2013 inches toward a smaller gender gap with more females in tech, and IT consulting continues to dominate. Read about other tech employment trends.

Open Web in the News

Kevin Studer,

The launch of Dice’s new social recruiting tool Open Web hit newsstands in late January. See what leading tech and media outlets like PCMag and have to say about this new development from Dice.

5 Low Priorities for 2013 Tech Hiring

Kevin Studer,

As technology evolves, so do tech hiring trends. While everyone on an IT team contributes, certain skill sets naturally rise to the top – and others fall. See which positions are low on the list this year.

Q4 2012 Tech Employment Snapshot

Kevin Studer,

In the years following the ‘Great Recession’, tech employment recovery has stood out. One particular area added another 21,100 positions in Q4 alone – get more details and in Dice’s Tech Trends Q4 2012.

Q3 2012 Tech Employment Snapshot

Kevin Studer,

The unemployment rate for technology professionals has dropped in the past year. Read more about what is causing the increase in employment for the tech industry and other Q3 trends in IT hiring.

October 2012: Tech layoffs rise, but jobs stay in US

Kevin Studer,

Dice IT Market Report – Layoffs at tech companies increased in late summer, surpassing the national average. But the House defeated a bill to create more STEM visas, so tech jobs are staying in US hands.

September 2012 Dice Report: Tech + MBA

Kevin Studer,

In the tech talent marketplace, the utility players are IT professionals with both tech and business experience. According to a Dice survey, nearly 1/3 of tech pros see an MBA as important for future tech employees.

Trying to Undo the Skills Mismatch Problem

David Spark,

Steve Boese of Oracle and HR Happy hour says the skills mismatch problem is all too common, and there are ways both employers and job seekers can work to alleviate the issues.

August 2012 Dice Report: Fast Five to Watch

Kevin Studer,

In the arena of tech employment, there are varsity players such as California, Virginia, Texas, New York and Florida. Find out which other fast-growing states want to get in the game.