Interviewing Techniques

5 Steps to Closing Candidates

David Spark,

“Candidate closing starts on the very first call,” says Talent Sourcing Manger Jeremy Roberts. Check out his tips for keeping your candidates on track to accept job offers through 5 steps in the process.

Hiring Humor: Cell Phone Etiquette

Kevin Studer,

It’s Interviewing 101: Turn your cell phone off. But occasionally you’ll encounter a candidate who missed that memo and takes a call on your time. And it never fails – those are the people who have an obnoxious ringtone.

Employers Need to Impress Candidates Too

Leslie Stevens-Huffman,

Today’s job seeking veterans often breeze through interviews, because they prepare by studying effective techniques and tips on the Internet. In

Interview Horrors, Just in Time for Halloween

Leslie Stevens-Huffman,

Every seasoned recruiter has experienced a nightmarish interview, so in honor of Halloween, here’s a collection of ghoulish tales from around the

Hiring Humor: The Meddling Grandmother

Kevin Studer,

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