Case-Mate’s Improved Candidate Experience

David Spark,

Case-Mate, a mobile phone case producer, went from a nonexistent candidate process to a positive and successful candidate experience. See some of the examples of how they improved their candidate recruiting process.

Tackle New Technology at Work

David Spark,

People are resistant to change, especially when it comes to tech. But if you introduce it the right way, technological change can be exciting. Hear Duane Lay’s advice on handling tech changes for your team.

Recruitment Marketing via Personal Stories

David Spark,

Companies are not only using recruiters to showcase their brand, but they are also counting on employees’ personal stories. See how else companies are personalizing recruitment.

HR is Primed to Take Advantage of Big Data

David Spark,

HR has set its sights on big data, but that’s only half of the battle. Being able take advantage of that data and experiment is key. Find out how to get the most out of big data.

Social. Mobile. Big Data. Oh My!


At the biggest HR Technology Conference to date, the major themes were clear: Social, Mobile, Big Data, and The Cloud. See what you should know about applying these trends to your recruiting, hiring and HR processes.

HR Should Introduce the Social Possibilities


How many social initiatives have you kicked around, gotten excited about, and then promptly shoved into your desk drawers? Get them back out. HR needs to be involved, if not leading, the social charge.