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Recruiting Devs Can Cost More Than $60k: Study

Nate Swanner,

Employee turnover is a problem for any company, and the issue becomes exacerbated with long on-boarding times and equally long interactions with recruiters. A

Case-Mate’s Improved Candidate Experience

David Spark,

Case-Mate, a mobile phone case producer, went from a nonexistent candidate process to a positive and successful candidate experience. See some of the examples of how they improved their candidate recruiting process.

Use Talent Communities To Build Relationships

David Spark,

Ed Newman of Inside Talent Management says you should use talent communities to get to know candidates, rather than just to fill open positions. If you know your hires well, they’ll perform better for you.

How to Treat Candidates Throughout the Hiring Process

David Spark,

Gerry Crispin applied for 100 jobs to see how companies handled the hiring process. Check out his surprising discoveries and other key takeaways from Craig Fisher, Todd Hudson and Matthew Adam’s panel at T2.

Millennials Want Ownership and Accountability

David Spark,

Matt Charney from Cornerstone OnDemand says you’ll make Millennials happy by giving them a sense of ownership and identity within a company. Keep them accountable, rather than replaceable.