1 Million Tech Workers Now Freelancing

Nick Kolakowski,

How many tech workers are either independent contractors or freelancers? Roughly 1 million, according to new data from CompTIA (PDF). Overall

Can Tech Pros Really Win the Gig Economy?

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The Gig Economy—where independent workers take on assignments of varying length and depth for multiple employers—really isn’t a new concept

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Whether you’re an independent contractor who’s landed a great new project, or a new employee starting a full-time job, you

Starting Out In IT Contracting

Nick Kolakowski,

While some tech pros like the prospect of full-time employment (and the benefits that come with it), others appreciate the

To Freelance or Work Full-Time?

Nick Kolakowski,

To freelance or work full-time? Some tech pros view the prospect of signing up with a corporate entity as too