The Pros (and Cons) of Short Release Cycles

Nick Kolakowski,

Linux hit its quarter-century milestone last month. In its latest Linux Kernel Development report (download and registration required), the Linux

Is Google Developing a New OS?

Nick Kolakowski,

Does Google have a new operating system in the works? Although the search-engine giant has yet to formally announce the

What to Expect at Google I/O

Nick Kolakowski,

If the past is precedent, Google will kick off this week’s I/O conference by rolling out some of its latest

Android On a PC? It Could Happen…

Nick Kolakowski,

Earlier this week, reports suggested that Google planned on merging Android and Chrome OS. Chrome OS is a lightweight operating

Chrome Bug Lets Web Eavesdrop on Users

Kevin Fogarty,

A bug in Google Chrome would let malicious sites take over a PC microphone, and listen whether or not users turn the hardware off.