Candidate Follow-Up

Case-Mate’s Improved Candidate Experience

David Spark,

Case-Mate, a mobile phone case producer, went from a nonexistent candidate process to a positive and successful candidate experience. See some of the examples of how they improved their candidate recruiting process.

Improve the Candidate Experience

David Spark,

Do a deep dive into improving the candidate experience with Sarah White, Gerry Crispin and John Sumser. Set aside a little time in your busy week to watch this in-depth discussion.

How to Treat Candidates Throughout the Hiring Process

David Spark,

Gerry Crispin applied for 100 jobs to see how companies handled the hiring process. Check out his surprising discoveries and other key takeaways from Craig Fisher, Todd Hudson and Matthew Adam’s panel at T2.

Reinvent Your Talent Acquisition Strategy [Video]

David Spark,

Get tips on transforming your talent acquisition strategy from Informatica’s Brad Cook. Among the most important: maintaining a solid brand image for your company and staying up-to-date with SEO content.

Hiring Humor: Pesky Applicants

Kevin Studer,

Sometimes it’s tough for candidates to grasp the idea that it’s not “third time’s the charm” but more like “three strikes and you’re out” with follow-up communication.