Business Intelligence

How Indie Game Studios Play to Win

Jon Brodkin,

There’s probably never been a better time to be an independent video game developer. Cheap access to advanced game development

Windows RT, We Hardly Knew Ye

Dice Staff,

A couple years ago, some Microsoft executives thought they had a brilliant idea: Release a version of Windows optimized for

3 Lessons From the Implosion of Google Plus

Nick Kolakowski,

When Google Plus (also known as Google+) launched in 2011, some optimists thought it would eventually threaten Facebook’s social-networking crown.

Google Prodding Devs to Use Go

Nick Kolakowski,

Six years ago, Google launched Go, an open-source programming language with a C-like syntax, designed to make Web development both

Evolving From SQL Monkey to BI Pro

Elisabeth Greenbaum Kasson,

The notion that business intelligence (BI) developers are no more than SQL monkeys who crank out reports is outdated. Companies