Watch Startup Stroll Health Pitch a VC

Stroll Health Screenshot

If you’re starting a company, you need one thing first and foremost: the money to build it. And if you’re looking to shepherd your business from vision to IPO, you’re probably going to need serious dollars – they kind you get with venture capital.

Recently, Stroll Health, a San Francisco-based company with a mobile app that informs patients about their out-of-pocket expenses before a procedure is done, pitched its idea to noted Silicon Valley VC Tim Draper, co-founder of venture firm DFJ. Watching their presentation is instructive – it gives you a real example of an effective pitch and a look at a veteran VC’s reaction.

Here’s the pitch.

And Draper’s feedback.

Stroll Health presented to Draper inside the Hero City theater at Draper University. If you want to see a copy of Stroll Health’s slide deck, click here to download it.

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