NYC’s ‘Best’ Angel Investor Flies Under the Radar

Shana Fisher

One of the best and most successful angel investors in New York travels well under the radar, and that’s how Shana Fisher seems to like it. According to Business Insider, the managing partner at High Line Venture Partners passes interview requests over to her portfolio companies, saying things like, “I don’t think it’s interesting for me to talk about how I invest. Give 10 minutes to one of my companies!”

While she might prefer a low profile, the best in the industry know her well. Fisher is often cited as the investor most admired by top VCs in the city, including Brooklyn Bridge Ventures’ Charlie O’Donnell and Box Group’s David Tisch. While she’s backed some flops like any VC, she’s hit it paydirt with some of the best-known and most innovative tech firms around: She was an early investor in Pinterest, Makerbot and Vine.

Fisher didn’t start out in finance. The Hampshire College graduate triple majored in sculpture, philosophy and linguistics. She later attended NYU’s ITP program and started her career as a software developer and then program manager for Microsoft. She later joined Allen & Company — famous for leading Silicon Valley’s biggest mergers and acquisitions — serving as a VP and director of media and technology M&A. After Allen & Company, she joined IAC as senior vice president of strategic planning, then went on to found High Line Venture Partners. While at IAC, she helped acquire, now known as, for about $2 billion in 2005.