What It’s Like to Work at New York App Developer Dash

Dash at WeWork

Driving analytics app-developer Dash is in an exciting phase of its lifecycle: After 18 months of working on Android and iOS versions, it gained tens of thousands of U.S. users and has been downloaded in more than 30 countries — within three months of its launch.

Dash chose its technology – and its workspace – with growth in mind. For easy scalability, the company uses Amazon Web Services’ EC2 as its hosting platform. Other technologies include Java and Objective-C, Hadoop, RESTful APIs, Google’s MapBox API and Foursquare’s API.

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The company’s located at the WeWork co-working space in lower Manhattan, which gives it the flexibility to grow without investing in a new real estate – not to mention a community of startups and an office space with pinball, beer and all the other startup essentials.

CEO and Co-Founder Jamyn Edis sat down with Dice to discuss how the company chose its tech, and the skills you’d need to get a job there.

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