Résumés & Cover Letters

Even in our age of social networking, don’t underestimate the importance of a solid resume and cover letter. They’re often a company’s first look at your background and skills, which means they need to be organized and well-polished. Well represented skills on a résumé can be the determining factor between employment and the job of your dreams. Dice is here to help you with some helpful resume templates and tips for making the perfect statement:

Just Graduated? Time to Write a Great First Resume
So you’re entering the tech industry. A great resume is key to landing your first job. Here’s how to put one together.

Best Resume Templates for Engineers and Other Tech Professionals
No matter what your job or specialization, there’s a resume template that will put your skills and experience in the best possible light.

Java, Data, Web Development Resume Terms You Must Include
Keywords are huge when it comes to your resume and cover letter. Here are the best ones to include for specific specializations.

5 Things That Will Screw Up Your Cover Letter
Avoid these mistakes at all costs.

Best Times and Days to Submit Your Resume and Job Application
There’s a theory that some days are better than others when it comes to applying. Here’s how that breaks down.

How to Handle Employment Gaps on Your CV
Lots of people have some employment gaps in their resume. That’s not a deal-killer when it comes to landing a great new job, though.

5 Ways to Update That Outdated Resume ASAP
We’re all busy, and sometimes it’s easy to forget to update our resumes regularly. Fortunately, updating your materials is often a straightforward process.

5 Worst Things to Do on Your Resume
Make sure to avoid these potential mistakes with your resume-building!

The Dice Resume Center: Free Sample Resumes
We’re pleased to provide this library of free sample resumes covering a range of IT jobs.

Power Verbs for Your Résumé and Cover Letter
Power verbs bring your resume to life. They paint a picture for the reviewer by highlighting your skills and accomplishments, affirm your communication skills, and help you stand out in a crowd. Begin each statement or phrase with a power verb, then take you resume to the next level, by inserting action-packed power verbs into your work history and branding statement. Here are some of our power verb suggestions (by category) to help you get started.

And don’t forget Dice’s Career Development Resources, featuring a comprehensive library of resources for everything from writing the ideal CV to interviewing. It’ll help you get on the right track, wherever you want to go. 

To help ease the process of crafting the perfect resume, we’ve created some specific resume templates that will put you over the top with any application.

Junior Software Engineer Resume TemplateProject Manager Resume Template
Data Scientist Resume TemplateWeb Developer Resume Template
Business Analyst Resume TemplateProduct Manager Resume Template
UX Designer Resume TemplateDBA Resume Template
Business Analyst Resume TemplateNetwork Engineer Resume Template
UI UX Designer Resume TemplateProject Manager Resume Template
Technical Writer Resume TemplateGame Developer Resume Template
IT Director Resume TemplateQA Tester Resume Template

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  1. J. Jordan

    A majority of the articles here dealing with the tech industry are from 2014-2015. These are very outdated for a rapidly developing industry like information technology. Sure, a few suggestions may still be valid but you’re advising people on their resumes, cover letters and job searches with articles that are 4-5 years old!

  2. It is important to for job seekers in tech to put together stand-out resumes that are aligned with today’s standards. As a resume writer, formatting is important as is making sure resumes comply with ATS systems.

  3. Peter Alao

    What’s the solution to this 2MB resume size? I’ve been trying to upload my resume for a job application, but haven’t been successful. I’ve reduced it from three pages to two pages, and still having the same issues. Can someone please help?