Forbes: Finding cloud candidates quicker than ever before

Louis Columbus
Louis Columbus,

Sourcing candidates with in-demand cloud skills can often prove difficult.

In a recent article on, Louis Columbus talks about the dramatic growth in cloud skills that recruiters are searching for and how Open Web provides the sourcing answer.

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“The accuracy and speed of Open Web is impressive.”
– Louis Columbus,

Recruiters are using the social data Open Web gathers to personalize their approach and are getting an impressive 30% response rate from candidates.

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Case Study: How Orbitz sources mobile and big data talent

In today’s tight tech market, recruiters need tools that not only provide more unique candidates, but also a deeper dive into would-be tech hires’ skills and interests.

That’s why Chicago-based, travel giant Orbitz Worldwide uses Dice’s Open Web social recruiting tool to source talent often only found on the coasts.

See how Orbitz Worldwide successfully sources hard-to find mobile and big data talent in this case study.

“I like the tech crowd on Dice and the Open Web product. It’s a great service. I truly use that tool.”
– Cyndi Ramsdill, Orbitz Worldwide

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Mad Skills Sept 2013: Sourcing Cloud Talent


A 15-year tech employment record. Broken.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the month of July, 3,600 jobs were created in data processing, hosting and related services. That’s the best month since June 1998.

2013-08 Clouds Image.
The likely driver? Growing use of the cloud is making technical infrastructure positions more strategic and less task-based, which makes adaptable talent even more valuable in the long-run.

So what do hiring managers want in cloud talent? Hiring agendas become clear after analyzing recruiters’ searches on Dice and in Open Web, Dice’s latest sourcing tool.

From Open Source to DevOps and beyond, find out what’s keeping job growth for service providers on a cloud streak.

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August 2013 Dice Report: Grow, Baby, Grow

There’s a state that has added enough new technology jobs this year to join powerhouses California, Texas, Virginia and New York in the top five states by size of tech workforce. The state growing like a weed – New Jersey.

Other states are making noise, according to recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Like Massachusetts, which is the second fastest growing state, and Texas, where opportunities abound from cloud software companies in Austin to healthcare powerhouses in Houston.


Is your state among the top ten leaders in tech job creation?

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July 2013 Dice Report: Big Data

Once mostly confined to government think tanks and the Pentagon, big data is expanding its reach into business in a big way.

In a recent nationwide study, the research firm Gartner found that 42 percent of IT leaders have invested in big data technology or plan to within a year. That’s evident in the cities that overindex in big data jobs – in fact, Silicon Valley is now home to 24 percent of the big data jobs posted on Dice.


Seven of the top 10 tech markets overindex big data. After Silicon Valley, what are the other top six markets?

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Mad Skills June 2013: Unlimited Potential


Unlimited Potential

In the globe-sized information haystack available to recruiters today, nearly 60 percent of hiring managers’ searches on Dice’s Open Web include a location.

60 percent

Certainly, this finding could reflect of the lack of relocation companies might be willing to offer candidates. But, in talking to early adopters of Open Web, that’s not the driver. The reason? Response rates are higher from technology professionals via Open Web, leading hiring managers to be tighter with searches.

Open Web gives order and clarity to the web’s information jumble – read any top 10 tips lists on how to effectively find passive candidates via social media and chances are good that nine out of 10 are already handled by Open Web. But, as amazing as the tool is, it doesn’t necessarily solve the issue of getting great, passive talent to think about hiring managers’ open positions.

Find out the top reasons hiring managers say their candidate response rates are higher with Open Web.

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June 2013 Dice Report: Hiring Survey

The job market for tech professionals has been a leader in economic recovery in the U.S., and now appears ready to create additional jobs in the second half of 2013. 

According to nearly 1,000 tech-focused hiring managers and recruiters responding to Dice’s semi-annual hiring survey, nearly three-quarters (73%) plan to hire more technology pros during the second half of 2013 in comparison to the year’s first six months.


What are the motivators behind this healthy growth in tech jobs?

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Special Edition Hiring Survey


Building Better Candidate Connections

Open Web Case Study: High Rate of Connection

PeopleAdmin cultivates tech talent using a collaborative culture and unique benefits, while building better and faster connections though Dice’s Open Web.


PeopleAdminlogo_newWhen your company is a national leader in developing cloud-based talent management software for higher education and government institutions, building better organizations is a mission.  For Austin-based PeopleAdmin, that important assignment falls in part to Brooke Lyn Anderson.  The senior talent advisor has a lot of advantages in recruiting tech pros – the company’s collaborative culture, unique benefits and willingness to make investments in their team for personal and professional growth.

When it comes to technology professionals, Anderson says, it’s all about building relationships and allowing candidates to understand the advantages to working at PeopleAdmin.  The first step is finding highly-skilled, highly-motivated talent to show off the company’s opportunities and culture.  In fact, her days often used to tick away in a series of elaborate Google searches – long Boolean strings targeted at connecting with Ruby on Rails and QA professionals and hunting down programmers and engineers with a wealth of open source experience in database management systems like MySQL.

Brooke Lyn Quote

Then along came Open Web, the latest social sourcing tool from Dice, America’s leading career website for technology professionals. For Anderson, Dice’s Open Web has put Google search on the proverbial recruiting shelf.

Why hunt for a few rare needles in a globe-sized haystack when Open Web, with its professional profiles based on public information sifted from about 50 social and professional networks, gives order and clarity to the web’s information jumble?“

With Open Web, all the noise from Google search results goes away,” says Anderson. “I can simply do a search using a few keywords and location.  I don’t have to go through a ton of job postings in my search results.  It’s all very clean and visible for me to see: The candidates, their skillsets, and their social profiles.”


“It’s saving me hours and hours of time. I haven’t used Google since I started using Open Web,” adds Anderson.   And, multiple searches aimed at accessing candidates’ Twitter, Blogger, or Google-Plus is over, because each of the candidate’s social profiles are connected to their Open Web profile.  “I can be tighter with my search, because I have multiple avenues to connect with candidates and the rate of connection is higher with Open Web.”

That saved time can now be spent giving candidates a glimpse of what she’s about and introduce them to the welcoming culture at PeopleAdmin.  The company works hard to create an environment where team members’ voices are heard and its programmers, teamed in pairs, see their ideas quickly come to life.  That speed is enhanced by the company’s test-driven development process, with developers and QA working side-by-side to shrink development time and eliminate unnecessary code.  It’s the benefits of being a small, but stable company.

The ability to make a difference extends to all of PeopleAdmin’s 120-person team and the company trusts its staff to utilize the benefits it provides to best suit the individual.  That includes non-accrual paid time-off – no more use it or lose it – team members decide with their manager how much vacation to take.  Likewise, the company wants developers to keep their knowledge and skills sharp.  Regardless of how they want to learn and grow – books, online, classes, conferences – the support will be there.  And, if they want to work from the Grand Canyon for a week – the spirit is – go for it.

Brooke Lyn Quote

“Before I started here, I took time to learn about the environment,” says Anderson – something she encourages tech candidates to do via Twitter.  “I wouldn’t recruit anywhere that I wouldn’t refer my family or friends to.”

“As a recruiter, especially in technology, I try to think, what if I was a technologist where could I be found online?” says Anderson. “That’s how I’ve been able to connect with candidates. I’ve always taken a respectful and passive approach.  Once they connect with me, they’ll see that I’m genuine and what the company is about.”

At PeopleAdmin, where finding, hiring and cultivating talent is both the core product the company sells and a top priority the organization shares with the rest of the tech world, Brooke Anderson says Open Web has changed her experience with online recruiting.  Gone is the randomness and information overload. In its place? Clarity, connection and a wealth of organized, searchable professional information.

“Now that I have Open Web,” explains Anderson, “Dice can really deliver full-time candidates that I don’t think you could have before.  This is one great tool and I’m telling my friends about it.”

Learn more about Open Web


Brooke Lyn AndersonBrooke Lyn Anderson is a Senior Talent Advisor with PeopleAdmin, a leading provider of cloud-based talent management solutions for higher education and government.  With unique and exciting opportunities, Brooke’s hiring priorities for 2013 include Ruby on Rails, QA and MySQL talent.  Brooke has been a recruiting professional for nine years focused on the technology space and is passionate about sharing just what makes PeopleAdmin different from other companies.  Brooke can be reached via Google+.

As of August 2013, Brooke Lyn Anderson is a Sr. Recruiter for University Relations at FireEye, Inc.

May 2013 Dice Report: America’s Tech Talent Crunch

40,000 new grads are joining the job market in a given year. Combined with growing enrollments in computer science departments, that implies even more newly minted tech professionals are on the horizon for hire.

Although technology educators see fundamental differences between this cycle and others in previous years, the numbers tell a story of increasing competition for entry-level positions. 


So when looking to hire a new tech pro – should you value education or experience?

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America’s Tech Talent Crunch

Mad Skills April 2013: Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough


Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough

With the unemployment rate for technology professionals registering 3.5 percent in the first quarter, savvy hiring professionals are using multiple measures to find and hire the right tech people.

The first measure? Skill-sets. Candidates brimming with certain experience are clearly in demand.

A look inside searches by hiring managers on Open Web, Dice’s latest sourcing tool, shows what skills are hot. How? Open Web creates tech “super” profiles from public information on about 50 social and professional networks—making it the one-stop—to quickly uncover tech professionals’ experience, contributions, history and capabilities, as well as interests and passions.

Howard Lee, chief architect of the technology utilized in Open Web, has compiled the top 15 tech skill search rankings. Check out his list to see what types of tech professionals are in high demand.



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