June 2014 Dice Report: Special Edition, Hiring Survey

Hiring for tech professionals is moving full-steam ahead in the second half of 2014, according to more than 700 hiring managers and recruiters who primarily focus on these professionals.

Results from Dice’s most recent semi-annual hiring survey are fairly consistent with our late 2013 findings: the majority (70%) of hiring managers intend to hire more tech professionals in the next six months. That’s a slight dip from year end, when 73% anticipated more tech hiring in the first half of the year, as compared to hires at the end of 2013.

See what else is anticipated in tech employment for the rest of 2014, including compensation, departures, time-to-hire and more.

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April 2014 Dice Report: The Popular Tech Pros

With the unemployment rate for technology professionals hovering below 3%, just about every tech pro is popular with HR managers and recruiters these days. However, candidates experienced in big data, mobile, cloud computing and security are seeing their popularity reach near celebrity status.

Job postings on Dice for talent skilled in these tech disciplines have reached all-time highs.

Read the most recent Dice Report for a breakdown of demand trends for big data, mobile, cloud and security talent.

A Snapshot of Tech Hiring for Q1 2014

Tech professionals are not only at work, but working harder according to Dice’s Q1 Tech Trends Report.

The unemployment rate for technology professionals fell to a recovery low of 2.7% during the first quarter of 2014, as per the BLS. And for some tech skill sets like web developers and network architects, unemployment is below 1%.

In contrast, the unemployment rate for the overall U.S. workforce was 6.7% during Q1.

The report also found that tech consultants have been busy. Tech consulting has been setting multiple records in this recovery: workforce size, weekly hours and hourly earnings.

Get all the details in Dice’s Q1 2014 Tech Trends Report.

2014 Tech Trends Report | Unemployment Snapshot

March 2014 Dice Report: Talent in Hot Fields Feeding on an Enchilada of Perks

Technology professionals often view what they do for a living as more of a lifestyle than an occupation. So attracting these pros requires a package of compensation and perks that enhances their minds and bodies, as well as their wallets.

We drilled down into the workplace perks and special benefits offered most frequently by employers who use Dice.com to attract tech pros in four hot fields: software engineering, cloud computing, big data, and mobile development. Across each field, one perk cracked the top three in popularity.

A free lunch.

What other special benefits topped the list?

Read the March 2014 Dice Report: Talent in Hot Fields Feeding on an Enchilada of Perks.


Demand and Salaries Rising for Linux Skills

2014 Linux Jobs ReportAccording to the 2014 Linux Jobs Report, hiring managers are ramping up their plans to onboard professionals with Linux skills. This rising demand is driving Linux salaries above industry norms and making Linux professionals more confident about their careers going forward.

This is the third annual Linux Jobs Report that Dice has produced in partnership with The Linux Foundation.  Together, more than 5,000 hiring managers and Linux professionals were surveyed to determine what’s driving demand and the incentives and motivators used to attract Linux candidates.

Key findings from the report:

  • Recruiting Linux talent is a bigger priority in 2014.  Seventy seven percent of hiring managers have “hiring Linux talent” on their list of priorities for 2014, up from 70% one year ago.
  • There will be more Linux hires in the next six months. Forty six percent of hiring managers are increasing their plans for recruiting Linux talent over the next six months, representing a three-point increase from 2013.
  • Knowing Linux helps career advancement. Eight-six percent of Linux professionals report that knowing Linux has given them more career opportunities, and 64% say they chose to work with Linux because of its pervasiveness in modern-day technology infrastructure.

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This in-depth report includes details about why employers are sourcing Linux candidates now and what incentives are being used to attract talent, among other interesting results. Download the complete report now.

Feb 2014 Dice Report: Start Me Up

What drives professionals at technology startups? If your answer is money, promises of money and dreams of money, well, that might be true. But that’s not the entire story.

The tech startup community seems to want to fill their hearts and minds — as well as their wallets — according to a recent 2014 Dice Salary Survey. In fact, those working at startups actually saw their raises and average salaries lag behind that of their peers in traditional companies.

Such data might suggest that these tech pros are less happy about their pay, but the exact opposite appears to be true.

What’s the explanation for their brighter, happier state of mind? And what other rewards do tech pros at startups seek?

Read the February 2014 Dice Report: Start Me Up.


Add new dimension to your tech recruiting

Meet Ruby. (Or, as she likes to call herself, ‘Ruby on Wheels’.)

She’s tough, cool. She’s a natural leader and a team player, consistently guiding her roller derby team to victory through a tangle of knees and elbows. She’s just as talented at solving complex UI problems. She’d be a great lead for the new mobile app you’re developing. And she’d fit right in with your office culture.

But would you really get all that info from just a plain-Jane resume?

Watch how Dice lets you get a glimpse of the person — not just the skills — you might be adding to your team.


Want to see some real-life succes stories from Open Web customers? Easy-peasy. Just visit dice.com/openweb and read how:

  • Melissa Cardiff from Harvey Nash is adding 50% more tech candidates to her pipeline.
  • Steve White from Pier 1 is using the tool to save 45% of his time.
  • Sara Fleischman from Concur is seeing an 87% increase in new hires and a 30% decrease in cost per hire.

The fastest growing tech states of 2013

In the past, coastal states could recruit top talent away from other markets. But with widespread growth in tech jobs across a range of industries, demand is ticking up — regardless if there’s an ocean nearby.

One such state where tech pros are in high demand? Missouri. For two years running, it’s won the award for the fastest-growing state for tech employment, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Growing 8.4% from last year, the “show me” state sure impressed the rest of the country, adding 2,700 new technology positions.

Massachusetts came in second, growing 8.1% and adding 5,300 positions. The third? Illinois, up 6.6% with 4,500 new jobs.

What about your state? Here’s the BLS breakdown of the 23 states they track in this category.
















Q4 2013 Tech Employment Snapshot

The average unemployment rate for tech professionals fell to 3.5 percent in the fourth quarter of 2013, down from 3.9 percent in Q3.

Find out what the market is like for the most in-demand tech pros — like developers and data professionals — and why they can practically write their own career tickets.

Read Dice’s Tech Trends Q4 2013.