Mad Skills June 2013: Unlimited Potential


Unlimited Potential

In the globe-sized information haystack available to recruiters today, nearly 60 percent of hiring managers’ searches on Dice’s Open Web include a location.

60 percent

Certainly, this finding could reflect of the lack of relocation companies might be willing to offer candidates. But, in talking to early adopters of Open Web, that’s not the driver. The reason? Response rates are higher from technology professionals via Open Web, leading hiring managers to be tighter with searches.

Open Web gives order and clarity to the web’s information jumble – read any top 10 tips lists on how to effectively find passive candidates via social media and chances are good that nine out of 10 are already handled by Open Web. But, as amazing as the tool is, it doesn’t necessarily solve the issue of getting great, passive talent to think about hiring managers’ open positions.

Find out the top reasons hiring managers say their candidate response rates are higher with Open Web.

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