How Expedia Increased Tech Hires 150 Percent

Don’t let the sunglasses fool you – Expedia’s Jeremy Langhans (@jer425) means business.

He’s the Program Manager for Global Brand and Talent Attraction at Expedia, and has deep expertise in sourcing, research, and social media to attract talent. Dice asked him about hiring trends and behaviors, and we were delighted to hear about Expedia’s growth in successful tech hires.

Watch to find out:

  • How technology hiring at Expedia has grown
  • What Langhans thinks contributed to that success
  • His advice on making the most of your tech recruiting efforts


In short, Langhans has seen a year-over-year increase in technology hiring on Dice by 150%. That’s actual conversions – meaning job postings on Dice that directly converted to hires for Expedia.

Why the growth? Langhans has three reasons:

  • Dice fits the dynamic of narrowcasting (as opposed to broadcasting) information about your tech jobs to a specialized audience
  • He has seen more availability of candidates on Dice, especially for tech engineering, analytics, and general corporate IT roles
  • Segmentation and the way Expedia handles their job postings has been key

How can you capitalize on tech recruiting opportunities? Langhans recommends:

  • Post ALL your openings so your inventory is out there for tech pros to find
  • If hiring multiple people for the same position, differentiate your postings with small tweaks to opening sentences or title
  • Be authentic and transparent – Don’t say you want a “rock star” if you’re hiring (and budgeting for) an entry-level position.

“Make sure you have all your jobs posted. Don’t just put one or two of your…jobs on Dice.”