Find Tech Candidates Fast with Search Agents


Some of the greatest time savers are so simple that we fail to think about them. How many automatic bill payments do you have setup?

In technology recruiting, Search Agents are often those just-out-of-mind time savers. We’ve made it so our Dice Search Agents can be setup in four or fewer steps. For the record, we often set them up in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee, including the time to review our search strings.

Search Agents can do more than save you time though. They can also help you improve the quality of the candidates you source. Here are some examples of how to use Search Agents creatively to improve your hiring process:

Here are the simple steps to set up an effective Search Agent.

Search Agents: Step by Step

Build Better Booleans
Use this handy reference guide to build better Boolean search strings, so it’s even easier to zero in on your perfect candidate.

Need help?
Contact us at 1.888.321.3423(DICE). We’ll set up your Search Agents and refine your Booleans so you can use that time to enjoy your morning brew.