Dice Tech Salary Survey Results – 2014

Technology salaries and employment trends are constantly changing. What never changes is your need for the most current data.

Salary-Satisfaction-Slipping_225pxDice’s Salary Survey Report for 2014 shows that salaries and confidence are rising for U.S. tech professionals, but tech powered companies are on edge as compensation satisfaction slips.

More tech professionals in the U.S. enjoyed merit raises last year, driving average salaries up nearly 3% to $87,811. Tech professionals understand they can easily find ways to grow their career in 2014, with two-thirds of respondents (65%) confident in finding a new, better position. That overwhelming confidence matched with declining salary satisfaction (54%, down from 57%) will keep tech-powered companies on edge about their retention strategies.

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This detailed report provides compensation data by metro, state, job title, tech skill and more from a survey of more than 17,000 tech professionals.

Having the latest info at your fingertips helps makes sure your salaries are competitive, so you can attract and retain the best tech talent.