Demand and Salaries Rising for Linux Skills

2014 Linux Jobs ReportAccording to the 2014 Linux Jobs Report, hiring managers are ramping up their plans to onboard professionals with Linux skills. This rising demand is driving Linux salaries above industry norms and making Linux professionals more confident about their careers going forward.

This is the third annual Linux Jobs Report that Dice has produced in partnership with The Linux Foundation.  Together, more than 5,000 hiring managers and Linux professionals were surveyed to determine what’s driving demand and the incentives and motivators used to attract Linux candidates.

Key findings from the report:

  • Recruiting Linux talent is a bigger priority in 2014.  Seventy seven percent of hiring managers have “hiring Linux talent” on their list of priorities for 2014, up from 70% one year ago.
  • There will be more Linux hires in the next six months. Forty six percent of hiring managers are increasing their plans for recruiting Linux talent over the next six months, representing a three-point increase from 2013.
  • Knowing Linux helps career advancement. Eight-six percent of Linux professionals report that knowing Linux has given them more career opportunities, and 64% say they chose to work with Linux because of its pervasiveness in modern-day technology infrastructure.

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