Dec 2013 Dice Report: Special Edition Hiring Survey

The employment picture for technology professionals remains bright to start 2014, according to nearly 900 tech-focused hiring managers and recruiters.

Findings of Dice’s most recent hiring survey are consistent with our mid-2013 results: nearly three out of four respondents (73%) reported planning to hire more technology pros in the six months ahead. The difference? Nearly one-quarter or 24 percent of respondents indicated their additional hiring will be substantial, as compared to 19 percent who felt that way six months ago.

“The New Year should be ‘all systems go’ for tech professionals on the career front. There aren’t many times when you can write your own ticket, but this consistent optimism and upward pressure on compensation means it’s time to capitalize,” said Shravan Goli, President of Dice.

See what else looks bright in the new year of tech employment: compensation, job security, candidate retention and more.

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Special Edition Hiring Survey