Checklist for a Great Online Job Posting

Follow this basic checklist to make sure you’ve got the essential items for an effective job posting.

  • Company Description: Have you included a description of your company? Does it accurately convey your company’s brand? Based on this description, is your company a place you would want to work?
  • Benefits: What benefits does your company offer? Vacation, retirement and insurance packages are extremely important to job seekers. Remember to include unique perks, such as specialized training to enhance skill sets or teambuilding activities.
  • Location: Where is the position located? Have you included the city and state?  Remember that the Web is international and people could be looking at your ad from anywhere.
  • Job Title: Make sure the job title is descriptive and is clear to someone outside your organization. For example: “Java, C++ Sr. Programmer” will generally get a better response than “Programmer Analyst III.”
  • Duties: What will the person be doing day to day? How does the position fit in the big picture? Why would someone want this job? Remember that you are selling the job, not just describing it. Paint a compelling picture for the full range of possibilities for the position and how someone will benefit from them long term.
  • Skills: What skills are essential for doing the job well? What skills would be nice to have? Be specific about what the job requires: you’ll save time for everyone involved.
  • Experience and Training: What work experience, training, and level of education are necessary for the position?
  • Pay Range: Have you included an accurate pay range for the position? Recent surveys of visitors to show that up to two-thirds of candidates will not apply to postings that do not provide salary information. Don’t miss out on your ideal candidate.
  • Clear Call to Action: What do you want the candidate to do next? Send a resume? Apply on your company’s web site? Put a sense of urgency in the posting to motivate the candidate to act, especially if it’s a benefit because your company is growing or a project is launching.
  • Relevant Keywords: Have you included the relevant keywords needed for your online posting? If you don’t understand them, has the hiring manager checked to make sure they are accurate? Candidates often search by tech skills (keywords), so include them in the job title, skills listing and job description to optimize your search engine marketing.
  • Formatting: Is the job description formatted well and easy to read? Keep the text brief and to the point. Use bulleted lists to call attention to key aspects of the job.
  • Finishing Touches: Have you checked spelling and grammar and eliminated jargon? Can you skim the ad and get the gist of the position?