Open Web Case Study: Memorial Hermann Increases Efficiency

Memorial Hermann harnesses the power of Dice’s Open Web and a progressive company culture to quickly build a digital team that redefines healthcare. ________________________________________   MH_logo

When you’re recruiting quality tech talent for the largest not-for-profit health system in Southeast Texas – 12 hospitals and more than 21,000 employees spread across Greater Houston – time is always of the essence.

For Charles Mendoza, a recruitment consultant with Memorial Hermann, each elapsed day further ramps up the pressure to fill open technology positions; new hires who will ensure that legally mandated electronic records are kept updated, billing across the massive organization occurs on time and that the hospitals’ cutting-edge medical practices don’t falter when technology issues arise.

Mendoza needs the best and the brightest – and he needs them now. His newest aid in that talent quest? Open Web, the latest talent sourcing tool from Dice, America’s leading career website for technology professionals.

“Open Web makes me more efficient as a recruiter,” says Mendoza, “because it aggregates so much information about so many people. Not only does it give me access to more tech professionals, but they’re people I’m able to network with because Open Web includes contact information. For me, it really expedites the process.”

With seven years’ experience as a recruiting professional, Mendoza understands contact information, personal emails or phone numbers, allows technology candidates to say if his open positions are the right opportunities, right away.

“Even if I find a candidate on other services, I can turn to Open Web for that direct interaction. Other services don’t want recruiters to have contact information and then you are stuck waiting – sometimes weeks for a simple yes or no,” says Mendoza. “Even if I have to take the candidates off the list, I know that quickly with Open Web and can move on, while adding those tech professionals to my network for future opportunities.” Dice_OpenWeb_Logo

Mendoza says he’s been able to use Open Web to dig deeper more quickly, an ability that’s particularly valuable to Memorial Hermann given the rapidly-changing informatics needs in the healthcare sector. Finding top talent who blend clinical nursing skills with technology know-how is a tough ask, as is hiring an average of 10 to 15 new tech professionals a month, each and every month. Those hires include technical talent versed in EMR, EHR, and Cerner, as well as Network Engineers, Applications Analysts, Project Managers, Web Developers, Storage Administrators, and support professionals.

The best part about recruiting for Memorial Hermann is showing tech professionals how their work is applied on a day-to-day basis, impacting staff, patients and the organization as a whole. And, the combination of Houston and healthcare is tough to beat. “Healthcare isn’t going anywhere – we anticipate sustained growth for the next decade and Houston is the fastest growing city in Texas and a very diverse, great metropolitan area,” says Mendoza. In fact, it may be one of the only cities where you can attend a rodeo that ends with a Bruno Mars concert, rub elbows with actual rocket scientists, see world-class art and enjoy multicultural neighborhoods, food and nightlife.

Big growth does mean reaching out beyond the local market and relocation is an option at Memorial Hermann for highly-skilled technical talent, particularly those with deep healthcare experience.

“When I contact professionals found on Open Web, it’s not a hard sell. I want to build a network in this space,” Mendoza explains. “Often tech professionals will ask me for help about how their resume looks and they’ll ask for advice. That critique about a resume – what works and what doesn’t – can be really helpful for them and for me.”

To get his job done quickly, says Mendoza, he needs to use every tool at his disposal – and Open Web not only works as a stand- alone recruitment tool, but as an add-on that helps him better utilize the rest of his toolbox.mhquote2

“I don’t have to spend so much time chasing people down, and in my world that’s a very big deal,” says Mendoza. In other words, in the age of Open Web, don’t mess with Memorial Hermann and Charles Mendoza – at least not when it comes to technical  recruiting. Learn more about Open Web. ___________________________________________________________________________________

mendoza_headshot-e13639659296032Charles Mendoza is a Recruitment Consultant with Memorial Hermann Healthcare System. Building the digital team for the largest not-for-profit health system in Southeast Texas, Charles’ hiring priorities for 2013 include EMR, EHR, Storage/VMware, informatics and Cerner talent. Charles has been a recruiting professional in Houston for seven years and can be reached at