4 Tips for Finding Hidden Talent

No two candidates are exactly alike. Dice chatted with three top recruiters from Pier 1 Imports, HP and Blue Shield of California  about how they find those needles in the haystacks.

Their advice?

  • To remain competitive in a sea of active and passive tech candidates, you must move fast.
  • Get to know more  about candidates than just their skills.  Use social sourcing to find out where they hang out online and get a glimpse of their personality.
  • Tailor your pitch. Appeal to their interests and passions for richer engagement.
  • Master the web with a tool like Dice Open Web. It simplifies social sourcing and aggregates a candidate’s digital footprint into an easy-to-read profile.

Hear it in their own words in this short video.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLLwLZRcGlw&w=560&h=349]