18 Reasons You Should Be Using Open Web

Hundreds of your peers have used Open Web to unlimit their search for top tech talent. See what they say about Dice’s next-generation recruiting tool.

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Dice_OpenWeb_Logo“Open Web gives you a 40,000 foot bird’s eye view of who may be available and moves Dice into the next tier category, right up there with other top social media sites.”
Pete T. – Director, Dickinson & Associates

“I like the fact that I can further research candidates to see if they are enthusiastic about the tech field they are in. For example, if a candidate always posts about his tech projects, then it’s obvious he’s passionate about his work.”
Lena G., – Technical Recruiter, Hunter Technical Resources

“Open Web is such a great feature! I definitely feel like I’m ahead of the game when I can learn the basics about a potential candidate, check out their social media presence and contact them all in only a few minutes.”
Chariss T. – HR Manager, Food Service Warehouse

“Open Web consolidates all the information that recruiters worked so hard for in the past. It’s the fastest, most efficient tool for recruiting I’ve seen.”
Jeff W. – Founder & CEO, GravityPeople

“Open Web makes me more efficient as a recruiter, because it aggregates so much information about so many people.”
Charles M. – Recruitment Consultant, Memorial Hermann

“I like how it pulls from all of the social sites, and they are all in one place, where I can click on each profile and select individual. I see how it can really save me time.”
Kent H. – Senior Staffing Specialist, Synergy Seven, Inc.

“I love Dice Open Web. It allows me to look at more candidates than before because I don’t have to hop around to different social sites.”
Sigfredo R. – Recruiter, Kineticom

“I am very excited about this new tool. I thought I was getting good results before, but I think this will really change things.”
Marisol M. – SVP, CAFHE, Inc.

“Open Web is awesome and looks to be very easy to use and user friendly.”
Perri T. – President, Executive Placement Group

“Open Web pulls all of the information I need into one easy profile.  All of the contact information is readily available, and it’s easy to view candidates’ social media profiles.”
Anya M. – Technology Recruiter, Employer Flexible

“I really like Open Web because it brings all the social media info on job seekers to you in one place. I used to manually search the web myself so this is a great time saver.”
Scott M. – Director, Telecomm Software

“Regular Dice is always helpful and I’ve been amazed at the additional resources I can find using Open Web.”
Nancy O. – Senior Recruiter, CoServe Global Solutions, LLC

“The best part is the fact that there’s no longer a need to hop around to other sites to find and view candidates. It’s all in one place!”
Phil M. – Technical Recruiter, Indecon

“I think it’s great that I can do an Open Web search at the same time that I’m doing a Dice search. I can save a search agent and still view the Open Web candidates from the agents.”
Davis A. – Recruiter, Logic House Ltd.

“I used Open Web to find candidates with rare and hard-to-find skills, and it located additional candidates I could contact to fill the position or request referrals.”
Jim A. – Recruiter, Data Center Agency

“I think Open Web is great! I love how I don’t have to waste time seaching for candidates on several diferent social media sites. I’m really glad Dice came up with this.”
Dan C. – Recruiter, Medix Staffing Solutions

“Open Web is a great tool that reduces a step for me in my candidate searching. It combines two tools into one. I absolutely love it!”
Karen A. – Technical Recruiter, EXCEL Management Systems

“I think it’s a brilliant and great idea.”
Jeremy G. – Executive Search-Healthcare Tech, The Howard Group