1-2-3: Taking the First Steps to Using Social Media for Recruiting

1-2-3: LinkedIn
LinkedIn is an online network site designed to keep you connected with colleagues and classmates. The site is based on individual profiles that include resumes, links and more. LinkedIn lets you connect with people you know through direct invitations and then link to a wider network through those connections and referrals. You can also join industry groups to discuss common interests and share ideas.

Step 1. Set up a LinkedIn account

  • Visit LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com
    – Follow the simple steps to create a LinkedIn account.

Step 2. Create your profile

  • Follow the prompts to build your profile. You can upload a photo, add information about your background and employment, include links and more.

Step 3. Make connections

  • Once your profile is complete you use the tools under the “Contact” tab to build connections.