1-2-3: Taking the First Steps to Using Social Media for Recruiting

1-2-3: RSS feeds
RSS, or “really simple syndication,” is a technology that saves you time by delivering relevant and updated information from your favorite media outlets directly to your inbox. You subscribe to RSS on the sites you visit most and view the updates using a free online RSS reader.

Step 1. Find a Reader
To receive RSS feeds you need an RSS Reader.

  • A quick online search for “RSS Readers” will yield many options.
  • Follow the simple instructions to create an account with your chosen RSS Reader.

Tip: Google Reader is a good, free RSS Reader.

Step 2. Subscribe to feeds

  • Subscribe to feeds from your favorite websites. Just look for a button on the site that includes: RSS, XML or Subscribe. Or, check the right-hand side of the URL address bar for an orange or blue RSS button. Click on the icon and follow the prompts.

Step 3. Start reading

  • Your RSS Reader will start delivering updated content regularly. Check your reader site for tools that make it easier to read and organize all of your RSS feeds.