1-2-3: Taking the First Steps to Using Social Media for Recruiting

1-2-3: Blogs
With a blog (a common contraction of “web log”) you create your own online journal and invite visitors to comment. Unlike a website, a blog is a journal or log of information usually organized topically and chronologically.

Use a company or personal blog in conjunction with other social medial outlets to maximize your online presence, help expand your message and strengthen your employment brand.

Step 1. Find a blogspot

Your first job is to find a place to host your blog.

  • Search online for blogging providers who offer pre-made blog templates.
  • Follow the simple online instructions to establish your blog.
  • Add buttons, images, widgets and more to customize your blog. You’ll find plenty of options online.

Tip: Blogger.com, Google’s blogging site, and WordPress.com are the two largest sites. They’re both easy to use and free.

Step 2. Start blogging

  • Start adding entries to your blog about your company, available jobs, types of candidates you’re searching for and industry news.

Tip: Post several blog entries before you promote your blog so visitors will have more than one post to read.

Step 3. Spread the word

  • Build traffic to your blog by promoting it on your other social media outlets and marketing materials.