A Snapshot of Tech Hiring Trends for Q3 2014

Tech employment data from Q3 shows that candidates with cloud skills are going to be the real winners in the second half of the year.

The unemployment rate for tech professionals averaged just 2.7% in the third quarter of 2014. That compares favorably to the overall U.S. labor market which had a 6.1% unemployment rate, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Demand for cloud professionals, including network and systems administrators, remains high as they only have a 1.8% unemployment rate.

While the addition of 11,900 jobs in tech consulting in Q3 marks a decrease from the previous quarter, it’s still a dramatic increase over Q3 last year. Data processing, hosting and related services is on the upswing, too, with 5,600 new jobs added last quarter.

Examine all the latest tech hiring trends in Dice’s Q3 2014 Tech Employment Snapshot.


October 2014 Dice Report: Why Location Matters in Recruiting

Tech professionals are mobile, which is great news for recruiters. Last year 300,000 tech candidates on Dice expressed a willingness to move for the right job. So widening your talent search based on skill set rather than emphasizing zip code can increase your odds of finding the perfect candidate.

Factors including salary, advancement and sheer job volume are driving the tech migration bus. Dice examined the impact of geography to provide a quick snapshot of the states most attractive to candidates who want to relocate.

We learned that all states are not created equal. California, New York and Texas lead the way in enticing tech pros to pack up the U-Haul and hit the road to success. See which states round out the top 10 in the October 2014 Dice Report.

September 2014 Dice Report: Fastest Growing Tech Skills

The employment outlook continues to be promising for technology professionals across the board. But in the ever-expanding world of tech, which skillsets are experiencing the greatest increase demand? An examination of the nearly 80,000 jobs posted on Dice reveals some interesting findings.

Candidates experienced in Puppet, cybersecurity and big data are seeing their stock soar in the ever-growing tech hiring market.

Get the full details in the Sept. 2014 Dice Report.

Dice Hiring Survey: The Heated Talent Competition Continues

As summer winds down, the competition for top technology talent remains hot.

In the latest numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, tech unemployment remains at just 3 percent. And the unemployment figures for specific tech positions such as network architects (1.1%) and database administrators (1.2%) is even lower. These meager numbers will fan recruiting battles at a time when tech pros are getting pickier about the offers they will accept, according to Dice’s semi-annual survey of more than 700 recruiters and HR pros who deal primarily with tech professionals.

The majority (70%) of surveyed hiring managers intend to hire more technology professionals in the next six months, as compared to the first half of the year. That’s a slight dip from year-end, when 73 percent anticipated more hiring in the first half of the year, as compared to the number of hires to finish off 2013. A tight labor market combined with robust hiring plans suggest competition for top talent will remain heated for the foreseeable future.Hiring-Survey_CHART
Technology pros can afford to be patient in this environment, and often are holding out for exactly the right position. While one-third of corporate hiring managers said more technology professionals were leaving their current positions this year, that’s down from 42 percent who experienced increased turnover in 2013. In addition, 32 percent of hiring managers and recruiters said more tech candidates are rejecting offers as compared to six months ago.Hiring-Survey_COVER

As the pressure to hire mounts, so will the need to find and engage with tech talent. But with so much competition out there, how can any one organization beat out its rivals in sourcing the best possible talent? The answer is social recruiting – with tools that allow companies to surface all the online information they need to make an informed hiring decision.

Download the full report: Dice Hiring Survey: Mid Year 2014 – No End in Sight in Heated Competition for Talent.

August 2014 Dice Report: Don’t Mess with Tech

They do things up big in the state that now holds the title of fastest growing state for technology jobs. So big that after recent job gains, Texas also now has America’s second-largest workforce of tech professionals behind California.

The latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is in. Job growth in the technology sector continues to be robust with tech employers seeking an increasing number of mobile, big data and software developer professionals.

After a two-year run at the top, Missouri is no longer the nation’s fastest growing state in tech jobs. Find out who fills out the top 10 after Texas in the August 2014 Dice Report.

4 Tips for Finding Hidden Talent

No two candidates are exactly alike. Dice chatted with three top recruiters from Pier 1 Imports, HP and Blue Shield of California  about how they find those needles in the haystacks.

Their advice?

  • To remain competitive in a sea of active and passive tech candidates, you must move fast.
  • Get to know more  about candidates than just their skills.  Use social sourcing to find out where they hang out online and get a glimpse of their personality.
  • Tailor your pitch. Appeal to their interests and passions for richer engagement.
  • Master the web with a tool like Dice Open Web. It simplifies social sourcing and aggregates a candidate’s digital footprint into an easy-to-read profile.

Hear it in their own words in this short video.

Tech Employment Snapshot for Q2 2014

Tech unemployment was just 3% in Q2, which compares favorably to the 3.6% rate registered last year during the same time period, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Tech consulting was up at swift clip, creating 27,500 new positions in Q2. And more tech professionals voluntarily quit their jobs than this same time last year, which equates to more confidence in the economy.

In fact, it appears to be a candidate’s market as tech pros are rejecting more jobs offers than they did six months ago.

Get all the details in Dice’s Q2 2014 Tech Trends Report.


July 2014 Dice Report: Help Wanted Signs = Dollar Signs for $oftware Developers

DiceReport_July2014_BonusMore employers, in more industries, are adopting targeted plans to provide unique bonus programs for software developers. Demand for top talent is increasing and this is evidenced by the low unemployment rate for software developers, which was just 2.3% in the second quarter of 2014 according to the BLS.

In Dice’s recent survey of 700 employers,  of those who have bonus plans, 11% have programs specifically tailored to software developers. And for many companies, these specialized performance plans were only recently put in place.

Read the full July 2014 Dice Report to see how employers are using bonuses as a retention tool for software developers.

June 2014 Dice Report: Special Edition, Hiring Survey

Hiring for tech professionals is moving full-steam ahead in the second half of 2014, according to more than 700 hiring managers and recruiters who primarily focus on these professionals.

Results from Dice’s most recent semi-annual hiring survey are fairly consistent with our late 2013 findings: the majority (70%) of hiring managers intend to hire more tech professionals in the next six months. That’s a slight dip from year end, when 73% anticipated more tech hiring in the first half of the year, as compared to hires at the end of 2013.

See what else is anticipated in tech employment for the rest of 2014, including compensation, departures, time-to-hire and more.

Read the full June 2014 Dice Report: Special Edition, Hiring Survey.drJuneInfographics_01Small