Linux Fundamentals and Trends

Linux Fundamentals

Linux gives users the power to change anything they like, since the source code and tools needed are always available. You have to know what to do with them, of course. This small fact has earned Linux a reputation for having a rather steep learning curve. Don’t let that scare you off. Putting a Linux desktop on your notebook isn’t that hard, with a little effort. Tweaking, hacking, exploring and learning are enthusiastically encouraged, more so than on any other OS. Indeed, that’s one of the main reasons people move to Linux in the first place. continue...

Linux Trends

From rather humble beginnings in 1991, Linux has grown to be a widely used OS, running on virtually every type of computer system from the lightweight Raspberry Pi to Intel-based notebooks, all the way up to the Tianhe-I, the world’s second fastest supercomputer. A stripped down version of the Linux kernel also powers Android Ice Cream Sandwich tablets and mobile devices. continue…

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