What’s the secret to a healthy career? Building relationships with others. The following resources can help you weave a network that’s not only wide-ranging, but also useful… and possibly the source of your next job.

Use a ‘Buddy System’ When Networking
A friend can make attending networking events a whole lot easier.

5 Professional Networking Tips for Introverts
Networking can prove more intimidating for introverts, and require some new techniques.

Unemployed? Networking May Be the Charm
For anyone who’s been out of work awhile, networking may be just the thing to get you back on track.

Building an Effective Social Network
You can spend hours creating the ideal profile on Twitter or other social media channels, but all your careful designs will prove for naught unless you head out there and engage with others in the ecosystem.

Networking Is Still the Best Way to Find a Job
Networking remains a critical component of your job search, because referrals are still the the number one source of new hires. The fact is that more recruiters are using social media to coax additional referrals from current employees, or find “passive” candidates—qualified people who aren’t actively looking for work.

5 Things You Don’t Understand About Networking
On the face of it, networking’s simple: Meet people and develop relationships with them. However, if you pursue people thoughtlessly you could end up doing more harm than good. To help you avoid tripping yourself up, here’s some tips.

Networking: It’s About Quality, Not Quantity
It’s not about always meeting everyone in the room or collecting lots of business cards. Instead, focus on meeting a couple people, and following these simple steps.

Networking for Folks Who Hate Networking
Many shy people would rather walk over a hundred yards of broken glass than strike up conversation after conversation with strangers. Fortunately, a few simple tips can make networking a little easier for introverts and others who hate to schmooze.

Networking’s About What Happens After You Meet People
A common myth has it that networking is all about meeting people. Truth is, it’s more about what you do after you’ve been introduced.

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