So you landed that job interview. Congrats! Here’s some advice for sitting down with the recruiter or manager to talk about the specifics of the position:

5 Basic Tips for Phone Interviews
Here’s how to survive an initial phone screening. First tip: Do your research beforehand!

Add Emotional Intelligence to Interviews
A little bit of “E.Q.” can go a long way toward a successful interview.

Watch Out for These Red Flags During Interviews
Interviews are for you as well as your potential employer. While they’re checking you out, you get to evaluate them on their technology choices, growth potential and culture, among other things. Keep an eye out for these red flags.

Are You Properly Preparing for Job Interviews?
When you’re looking for a new job, there’s nothing quite as exciting (or nerve-racking) as scoring that interview with a prospective employer. But in the heat of the moment, it’s sometimes easy to forget all the prep you need to do in order to actually ace it.

Tips for Surviving a Hostile Job Interview
Is there a way to win over an interviewer who’s in a foul mood? Yes, there are strategies that can help you win a battle with an aggressive interview jerk, which you can use to potentially transform a difficult endeavor into something worthwhile for everyone.

How to Answer ‘Do You Have Any Questions for Me?’
The interviewer is hoping to learn about you from the questions you ask, just as you hope to learn about the organization by the questions you ask. Here’s how your two interests are aligned.

Mastering the Behavioral Interview Question
Contrary to popular belief, you can and should prepare for behavioral questions—questions of the form “Tell me about a challenging interaction with a coworker,” or “What would you do if _______?” Here are a few tricks to nail down your answers.

How to Answer Any Technical Interview Question
For most of us, technical interviews are the worst part of getting a new job: Not only does the interviewer ask challenging questions, but sometimes those questions don’t even make sense in the context of the job you want.

What Interviews Say About a Company’s Culture
An Interview provides a great opportunity to learn about a company’s culture. And not just because of the questions you ask: You can find out a lot from the things they ask you.

How to Avoid Making the Worst Possible Interview Mistake
You should be able to talk about the company’s technology and the hiring managers needs, as well as your skills and experience. Being unaware of these things is the worst mistake you can possibly make.

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