Ideal Employer: Tesla’s Mission Attracts Tech Pros

If you’re at all interested in technology, you’re undoubtedly aware of Tesla. The upstart electric car firm is one of the hottest commodities in tech, and everyone wants a piece, including the tech pros who participated in our Ideal Employer survey.

Tesla ranked eighth on our overall list of Ideal Employers. Breaking things down further, it appealed strongly to Millennials, hitting seventh on their list; of course younger professionals want to work for a hot, flashy company trying to change the world. While Generation X’ers also ranked the company high, in eighth place, Boomers placed it in 21st, well behind many tech giants. Boomers value company attributes such as financial stability/record of success somewhat higher than Millennials and Gen X’ers, possibly making them less open to working for an automotive startup that has risked marketplace destruction at some key moments.

Tesla also topped the Ideal Employer ‘Transportation’ category, outpacing Lockheed Martin, NASA and SpaceX (which is Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s other company).

But who wants to work there? In our findings, Tesla ranked very highly among men (in seventh place) but experienced a sharp drop-off with women (who ranked it fifteenth). Xavier Parkhouse-Parker, Co-founder and Director at Plato Intelligence, which uses A.I. to analyze and solve recruitment-industry problems, suggests that such a dichotomy might be due to the “brogrammer” culture that exists in some parts of the technology industry.

“The nature of start-ups that are disrupting historically undisrupted industries are a high-pressured environment closer to the special forces than even the most pressured Wall Street bank,” Parker said. “This breeds a masculine culture and this unfortunately has spread all through Silicon Valley and is often detrimental to the companies’ success (Uber) and pushes people who don’t fit that working environment out of technology.”

Tesla also faces some significant challenges going forward. For example, the “Big Auto” firms have woken up to the potential of electric vehicles, meaning that Tesla will almost certainly face stiff competition in the years ahead. In theory, however, Tesla can leverage its reputation for quality and breaking-edge technology, similar to how Apple has managed to thrive in a world full of device manufacturers churning out Windows PCs and Android phones.

It’s hard to say how future events will shape Tesla. But in its position at the forefront of an industrial movement, it’s certainly attracting a range of tech pros.

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  1. Richard West

    Tesla needs to build a plant in GA. And they should build robots as well. Wish They could make electromagnetic perpetual motion come to life. It would be on the level of Bill Gates and Steven Jobs making computers work but even better.