Why Google is Tech Pros’ Ideal Employer

For many technology professionals, Google is the gold standard for Ideal Employers. Not only is it one of the most recognizable names in tech, but it does a good job of keeping its employees happy and motivated through a mix of competitive salary, benefits, and interesting work.

A vast majority of the 5,000+ respondents to the Dice Ideal Employer survey said that Google was their number-one choice of places to work. This sentiment cut across all demographics, including age and gender. Although the company’s offices, including its massive headquarters campus in Mountain View, include neat perks such as cafeterias and on-site amenities, such colorful conveniences aren’t tech pros’ primary motivator; rather, Google’s mission to deliver cutting-edge search, productivity, and mobile products to billions of people is likely what compels such widespread interest and affection.

No matter what their age, tech pros care about innovative, stable companies that do a lot to build positive, transparent cultures. Things like yoga and colorful office furniture are indicators of a strong culture that Google has spent years (and a lot of money) cultivating. Google has also devoted substantial effort to ensuring its employees represent a broad mix of experiences, education, and skills.

The result is an emotional bond between corporation and many of its employees, as well as the outsider perception of Google as a warm, nurturing place for a tech career. Employee retention is optimized when employees “align their personal mission with the mission of the company,” Ray Wang, Principal Analyst and founder at Constellation Research, told Dice.

Bikes for employee use at Google

Despite that collective alignment, however, Google has dealt with its share of controversies. Recently, an internal manifesto brought on a corporate crisis of conscience, with employees sharply divided on the tone and message of one employee’s ideals. There are also indications Google is paying women less than men, though the company vehemently denies such reports.

But none of these controversies seem to have dampened tech pros’ general enthusiasm for working for Google. Over the past twenty years, Google hasn’t deviated much in its culture or goals, despite expanding from scrappy search startup to technological giant involved in everything from autonomous vehicles to smartphones. So long as it maintains that culture going forward, it’s likely to remain an Ideal Employer for tech pros around the world.

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