Deloitte’s Mentoring Focus Makes It an Ideal Employer

Business-services firms such as IBM and Deloitte lend technical assistance and knowledgeable contractors to companies seeking a successful path in a complicated world. But how do those consultancies attract the talent capable of providing that sort of advice?

Deloitte might offer some crucial clues. The firm landed in eighth place among Millennials’ Ideal Employers, outpacing its ranking among Generation X’ers (where it landed in fifteenth place) and Boomers (where it placed twenty-eighth). It also placed seventh among those respondents working in project management.

In a similar vein, nearly three-quarters of those surveyed said that Deloitte would be a good place to develop their career, surpassing IBM and Accenture, two notable competitors.

Millennials constitute 50 percent of Deloitte’s workforce, according to a corporate blog posting by a managing partner, and Deloitte has spent years advocating for mentorship programs that keep these younger workers happy for the long term.

Internally, Deloitte offers a variety of benefits targeted at younger workers, including student loan consolidation and refinancing. But any focus on internal mentorship can make a substantial difference, by persuading those workers to stay onboard in order to learn the skills that will make a difference in their careers. (The company has listed “eagerness to mentor and develop junior staff” as a desired skill-set for many years.)

If you’re interested in a career at Deloitte, prepare for an interview process that evaluates your core consulting capabilities, subject-matter specialization, and problem-solving skills (analyzing problems or case studies are often a big part of these evaluations). Deloitte has long asked that prospective candidates demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning, collaboration, inclusion, and ethics; and that’s in addition to their actual problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.

In an era of high turnover (especially in industries such as tech), Deloitte offers some crucial lessons to companies that desire to become Ideal Employers: make sure that your internal culture fosters younger employees’ professional aspirations. Not only will that encourage promising employees to stick around—it will ensure that their skills stay in-house for many years to come.