These Consumer Firms Made Ideal Tech Employers

The term ‘consumer’ is an all-encompassing category. Any technology professional who wants to do something that helps consumers through their day has ample opportunities at a wide range of companies, ranging from fitness to telecom.

It doesn’t hurt that many of the world’s largest consumer brands, in a bid to stay relevant, are quick to embrace the latest and greatest technologies. Walt Disney, which topped the ‘consumer’ category of Dice’s Ideal Employer list, has expanded from its traditional stronghold of media and theme parks into video games, apps, streaming services, and much more. Nike (which came in fifth on our list) attempted to own the wearables market with the Nike+ FuelBand, before pivoting into a partnership with Apple on a branded Apple Watch.

No matter what their current initiatives, however, the consumer companies that made our Ideal Employer list have one thing in common: all have embraced Big Data analytics in order to make their businesses run more efficiently. And some have even become software pioneers: in order to efficiently provide millions of customers around the world with streaming movies and television, Netflix (number six on our list) has created custom apps and platforms that it regularly releases to open source, sharing its knowledge with the world.

For tech pros, working at a major consumer company is an opportunity to do something that affects millions of people. That sort of challenging/interesting work is one of the key reasons why our survey respondents named certain companies Ideal Employers. In addition, many of these companies have led the way when it comes to great benefits: for example, Netflix kicked off an unlimited vacation policy that instantly made waves in the tech industry (although there’s been some debate over whether the policy is as fantastic as companies make it out to be).

It also doesn’t hurt that many of these consumer companies on our list are massive conglomerates with multi-billion-dollar balance sheets—contributing to the stability that many of our respondents desire in a top employer.