Apple’s Talent Focus Makes It an Ideal Employer

It should come as no surprise that people want to work at the biggest tech companies. The pay is often good, especially for highly specialized tech pros, and the benefits are potentially fantastic. Apple ranked highly on our Ideal Employer list for those reasons, but the company also offers some other intriguing points.

(Though Google, Amazon and Microsoft all topped Apple, the Cupertino-based firm held its own among our survey respondents; save for Google running away with the Ideal Employer crown, the race was pretty tight.)

Across both gender and age demographics, Apple remained comfortably within the top five, and it topped the “hardware” category: not exactly shocking, when you consider the impact of its consumer devices on how we work, communicate, and play.

Indeed, the iPhone and other cutting-edge innovations have cemented Apple’s reputation as a place to work for tech pros who really want to make a “dent in the universe,” as Apple co-founder Steve Jobs once put it. Plus there’s the company’s new “Spaceship” campus (as seen above), which is definitely a draw if you live in Silicon Valley. But the company’s appeal as an employer may go further than that.

Taking a peek at Apple’s Jobs portal yields some insight; Apple’s firm commitment to a diverse workplace is fully on display. A splashy graphic states that the company takes holistic view of diversity that looks beyond the usual measurements.

Or as Denise Young Smith, Apple’s Vice President of Worldwide Human Resources, put it: “Diversity is more than any one gender, race, or ethnicity. It’s richly representative of all people, all backgrounds, and all perspectives. It is the entire human experience.”

Apple claims that 37 percent of new hires are female, and 27 percent are underrepresented minorities. (However, the company has traditionally made slow progress toward fully balancing its workforce.)

While the focus on diversity is admirable, it also contributes to a much larger theme: from the Spaceship’s sleek workspaces to its cutting-edge hiring initiatives, Apple is clearly in the business of recruiting the best talent from across the spectrum and making it happy and productive. And that makes sense, because after all, if it doesn’t have some of the finest tech pros in the world working on its products, those products won’t live up to the company’s reputation.

Given how the respondents to our Ideal Employer survey wanted a company that ultimately focused on their needs (i.e., great salary and benefits along with a fantastic culture), it’s clear that Apple’s more people-centric initiatives have boosted its reputation as an employer.

One Response to “Apple’s Talent Focus Makes It an Ideal Employer”

  1. Steve Work

    Denise Young Smith made a comment about a dozen blonde blue-eyed guys bringing diversity that cost her job. Apple is not looking for true diversity, and the same can be said for Google since white guys are clearly less valued in these companies unless they happen to be the genius who can create the next breakthrough. But a mediocre coder who happens to be polka dots on green skin will be welcomed.